📚About UnityPad

Making Launchpads Easy

Making Launchpads Easy

The Challenge

Many investors face challenges with launchpads & VC's, like missing launches or struggling to access top tier projects. UnityPad eliminates these hurdles, securing top-tier levels across various launchpads & VC's.

Our Solution

Our strategy is straightforward. We profit from these top-tier positions and 35% of profits are used to buyback and burn UnityPad tokens, reducing supply and focusing on the token's utility within our ecosystem. 35% of the profits will be shared directly with holders for claiming, based on their percentage ownership. (Coming soon) As a UnityPad holder, your only task is to hold your tokens & claim your rewards.


The team has done the KYC through Solidproof. Here is proof from the documents: KYC & AUDIT : https://github.com/solidproof/projects/tree/main/2024/UnityPad Team consists of seasoned professionals that have been through several cycles.

Certik Ambassador Onboard ✅ Wall Street Bets TG Community & Marketing manager Onboard ✅

Here are examples of the some of the gains we received from previous cycle through launchpads:

  • Cellframe - 72.16x

  • Carbon - 41.61x

  • Cryowar - 194X

  • AioZ Network - 184.91x

  • Sidus Heros -109,13 X

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